New & Improved Buckle Design

As the name suggests, BETTA Wear is committed to continuous improvement, stretching to make products betta all the time. We first made elastic belts with a thermoplastic buckle that, while not easy to find, already existed in the marketplace. We liked the design's style and cam buckle functionality. This generic buckle worked great for the most part, but we listened to customer feedback and decided it could be improved. The belt buckle was re-engineered from the ground up, and it's exciting to announce the fantastic results.

new betta thermoplastic buckle

What Makes the New Buckle Betta?

  • Durability -This custom-designed buckle is tougher. The hinge pins that attach the top panel to the base were reinforced, making the buckle much sturdier.
  • Functionality - The new buckle is more compact, and the top panel now opens past vertical, reclining out of the way when the belt strap is pulled tight.
  • Style - The slight surface texture minimizes the appearance of scratches. The logo has been subtly debossed.

For a more in-depth explanation, watch this video explaining:

  1. How the original buckle was selected
  2. Why the new buckle design is superior


Once you've tried the new buckle, we're confident you'll agree it works exceptionally well. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this recent product improvement, and we look forward to receiving user feedback.

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