New Web Belts and Color Poll Results

A couple of weeks ago, we released our new polypropylene web belts and offered email subscribers an exclusive discount. Last week, we added nylon web belts to the lineup, and now we are happy to offer a discounted price on these premium web belts for a limited time (promo details below). But you might be wondering, why purchase a non-elastic web belt, and what is the difference between nylon and polypropylene webbing?

Advantages of Web Belts

Much like our elastic belts, the new web belts are fully adjustable, very comfortable and functional. While the materials do not stretch like elastic, polypropylene and nylon webbing does provide firm support in a lightweight fashion. Both web belts utilize our new, custom-designed thermoplastic buckle, which is strong, durable and debossed with the BETTA logo. The new web belts are also available in more color options to suit your particular purpose or style.

Try our new nylon web belts now and take $3 off for each one you order. That's like getting free shipping, plus an extra $3 off for any additional nylon belts ordered! To redeem this offer, enter the promo code below into the discount field during checkout:*


*This limited-time offer expires Sunday, August 28th, so take advantage now.

Comparing PP and Nylon Webbing

  • Nylon has greater tensile strength than polypropylene webbing.
  • Polypropylene webbing is lighter than nylon and floats in water.
  • Nylon webbing in smoother to the touch and more expensive.
  • Polypropylene is more economical and a bit more resistant to the elements.
  • Most web belts you see in the marketplace are made with nylon.

In summary, if you want a smoother, stronger and slightly heavier-weight material, then nylon is ideal. If you want something lighter, less expensive and more resistant to water, then polypropylene is your best choice. Both web belts will function very well for the vast majority of casual and athletic activities you might put them through.

Color Poll & Contest Results

We held an informal color poll and prize drawing recently (announced by email and social media) and wanted to relay the results. The burning question was, "Which color, other than black, would you like to see our belts available in?" The top two colors chosen were blue and green, each receiving almost 20% of the vote. Remaining entries were spread between brown, gray, navy, white, red, cyan and camo. Thank you to all those who participated! The prize-winning entry, randomly selected, belonged to Olivier Ward, who will receive his choice of a red, white or blue polypropylene belt. Thanks again, we truly value our customers' input.

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