BETTA Belt Now on Amazon

We are fired up to announce that the BETTA Belt is now listed for sale on Amazon. This is huge because Amazon is the largest ecommerce site in the United States (and second largest in the world, behind only China's Taobao, a division of Alibaba). Amazon's platform gives the BETTA brand an opportunity to reach many more people looking for a belt that offers greater comfort, functionality and style. If you are interested, check out our elastic stretch belt on Amazon. Of course, the price is the same here on and our shipping is cheaper (than what Amazon automatically charges, until we qualify for Prime).

For those curious about the process, it actually takes some doing to sell on Amazon these days. First of all, many product categories are either closed to new sellers (like Jewelry) or require approval (like Clothing & Accessories). If you obtain approval to sell within a given category, you then have to provide UPC, EAN or JAN codes for your products. If you manufacture unique products (like BETTA does), you need to apply to register your brand with Amazon. Only then, assuming you are approved, are you able to list your products and compete with the sellers already established on Amazon. Fortunately, the BETTA Belt has a unique combination of features and benefits, and we believe it will attract discerning consumers that are unsatisfied with the status quo.

Other BETTA Wear News

BETTA Wear has been making strides since the website launch. We've received a steady stream of orders from new customers across the U.S. The BETTA Belt has already earned several positive reviews, which are posted on the elastic stretch belt product page. We have continued to grow BETTA's social media connections and engage with like-minded people and companies. If you haven't already, we'd be stoked to have you connect with us on your favorite social media platforms by clicking the respective icons at the bottom of the page.

That's all for this update, but please feel free to reach out directly or online with any questions or feedback. Until next time, strive to be BETTA every day.

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