New BETTA Website Launch

And the wrapper's off! After much imagining, designing and implementing, the new BETTA website is here. With a sweet new logo, real-life imagery, fresh copy and underpinnings by arguably the world's most secure and consumer-friendly ecommerce platform, we are pumped to unveil this righteous vehicle to showcase our inaugural product, the BETTA Belt. A truly innovative creation, our unique take on the web belt offers you the ultimate in comfort, functionality and style. The BETTA Belt is the multipurpose men's elastic belt that will become your indispensable accessory. Whether you are climbing mountains, charging down them or doing whatever floats your boat, you will appreciate this belt's flexible support, rugged components and stealth-like style. We invite you to share your experiences and reviews on this site, on our social media pages and with your friends. We will be posting updates, both major and inconsequential, right here on our blog. Welcome, we hope you feel BETTA already, I know we do.

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