Hiking Belts

hiker wearing belt in mountains

What qualities make for an excellent hiking belt?

  • First, it cinches your pants securely, so you don't have to constantly readjust.
  • Second, it is not restrictive, so you have total freedom of movement.
  • Third, it is comfortable, so you can endure long hikes and then some.
  • Fourth, it is strong but lightweight, and it does not add to your load.
  • Finally, its design and appearance complements your hiking gear.
Our elastic stretch belts are perfect for hiking, especially when comfort and flexibity are top of mind. The nylon web belts are also great for hiking, excelling in situations where more support is needed for tactical gear. Our current selection of hiking belts are displayed below, please click through for more information and color selection.
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1.5" Betta Belt - Men's Elastic Belt
Regular price $ 30.00 $ 24.99
1.25" Betta Belt - Elastic Belt for Men & Women
Regular price $ 29.00 $ 21.99
Battler - Heavy-Duty Men's Elastic Belt
Regular price $ 40.00 $ 29.99
Rover - 1.5" Nylon Web Belt
Regular price $ 28.00 $ 19.99
Scout - 1.25" Nylon Web Belt
Regular price $ 27.00 $ 18.99