Athletic Belts

What type of belt works best for athletics? Well, it may depend on the sport, but in general you want something strong, lightweight and flexible. That way, the athletic belt will securely fasten your pants without restricting motion or burdening you with extra weight. If you are looking for ultimate comfort, we suggest the elastic sports belts. If you want superior strength, go for the nylon web belts. Click an item below to see product details and available colors.
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1.5" Betta Belt - Men's Elastic Belt
Regular price $ 30.00 $ 19.99
1.5" Nylon Web Belts for Men
Regular price $ 28.00 $ 17.99
1.25" Elastic Belt for Men & Women
Regular price $ 29.00 $ 18.99
1.25" Nylon Web Belt for Men & Women
Regular price $ 27.00 $ 16.99